SUPPLY LISTS 2017-2018

7th Grade

  • 7    composition notebooks with at least 100 pages (the marbled cover type -  not spiral type)

  • 2    one-subject spiral notebooks

  • 1    two-inch 3-ring binder (no trapper keepers, please – just a simple, durable binder)

  • 1    pencil pouch for your binder  

  • 1    hand-held enclosed pencil sharpener

  • 2    packs of loose-leaf notebook paper

  • 2    boxes of 12 colored pencils

  • 2    plastic pocket folders to be used for a HW folder and a graded papers folder  

  • 4    3-prong folders  

  • 2    packs of post-it notes – large square type for your note-taking

  • 4    packs of 12 or more pencils (plain, wooden pencils)

  • 2    packages of Bic pens (black, red or blue)

  • 2    2 packs (or larger) of highlighters   - the all yellow packs are great!

  • 2    8 oz bottles of hand sanitizer

  • 1    box of Kleenex (boys only)

  • 1    package of pocket/purse tissues ($1 for a pack of 8 at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar) (girls only)

  • 1    container of Clorox wipes

  • 1    box of Ziploc bags (last name begins with A-M  quart     last name begins with N-Z  gallon)

  • 9    rolls of Scotch tape ($1 a roll at Dollar General) (This is used in ELA, math and science classes.)

  • 4    packages of 3x5 lined index cards (100 per pack)

  • 1    package of “writable” tab dividers for your binder

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Lunch Menu
Monday, Dec 12
Salad: BLT Salad
Quick Pick: Chicken Nuggets w/ Scoops
Main: Spaghetti & Garlic Bread
Two Choices of Fruit

Tuesday, Dec 13
Salad: Tuna Salad
Quick Pick: Pizza Pocket
Main: Deli Sand Bar
Two Choices of Fruit
Sweet Potato Fries

Wednesday, Dec 14
Salad: Chef Salad
Quick Pick: BBQ Sand. w/ tots
Main: Taco Bar
Two Choices of Fruit

Thursday, Dec 15
Salad: Chef Salad
Quick Pick: Big Daddy Pizza
Main: Chick Filet
Two Choices of Fruit
Fries & Cookie

Friday, Dec 16
Salad: 1/2 Day, no Lunch
Quick Pick: 1/2 Day, no Lunch
Main: 1/2 Day, no Lunch
Two Choices of Fruit

Frozen dinners originated in 1953 when someone misjudged the number of frozen turkeys it would sell at Thanksgiving. The extra meat was repackaged and sold as a frozen meal.